Responding to RFPs for Freelancers

(as presented to Freelance Camp Victoria #yyjfree)

Conference Info: Victoria Freelance Camp, October 24, 2011.

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Cool Tools to Use

In the search to find more productivity out of all that computing hardware you buy here is a few examples. In a blog post today, Merlin Mann showed an example of how automated you can get some tasks with a little planning and frequent enough use to make the set up worth it.

Creating Performance

Just posted the initial drafts of what we hope will turn into a useful Network primer for non-Networking people on how to understand user performance and what can and can't be done about it. See "The Network Story"


Multi-site Drupal Install

While there are many online tools to maintain websites, after messing around with several, we've found two that seem to lead the pack for our needs. For singlar websites, Wordpress is still one of the easiest content systems for individual users. The significant advantage there is the ease of updating the content in place through the Administrative interface.


The crappy new version version - BC Ferries Widget

After a couple days of beating around with the old code from the Konfabulator version of the BC Ferries Webcam widget - I threw out the whole thing in favor of a from scratch Dashcode version. While Dashcode does have some nice templates and features - really going from scratch with your own thought pattern is where I needed to be. The new widget has a cleaner look and feel but also a much cleaner code. See the Software forum for the BC Ferries Widget or direct download link here.

Coding for OS X and iPhone - Part II

After fighting with Dashcode for about 24 hours, I quickly discovered that most of my problems involved overthinking the problems. For example, after scouring Google for solutions to load and reload images from the web into a image containter the answer was so trivial that I missed it several times.
URL = ";
document.getElementById('picture').src = URL;
Where "picture" is the name of the image container in the layout.

The crappy old version - BC Ferries Widget

A long time ago in a galaxy far away there was a concept of 'Widgets' taken from product lore and applied to the computer interface. The first widespread use I ever had was with a tool called Konfabulator (which today lives on as Yahoo Widgets)

Coding for OS X and iPhone - Part I

While there are a massive number of environments, scripting languages, and APIs that are designed to make programs lives 'easier', it is impossible to even keep up with more than a couple. While you can get involved in several they all fall into a a relatively few categories
  • Application Programming - full blown implementation for desktop operating systems. Using a common programming language like C and yypically relying on the OS APIs to manage the user interaction

Stereo Bluetooth - iPhone 3.0

Hands up if you have had your iPod earbuds ripped out of your ears when you are walking, running, working out, or trying to get something out of a pocket or bag? Hate it? Well this is worth a try. In a great (and overdue) addition to the iPhone - 3.0 adds A2DP support for Bluetooth Stereo Headsets. This allows you to cut the cord on headphones for both Phone calls and Music. Having regularly worn through more headset cords than you really want to talk about ... this is an great alternative. A couple of cautions however.


Doing 'Local' right

The fact that the Internet can bring you information from around the world is both interesting and captivating. For example, there is this newspaper in Lawrence Kansas that probably most people outside of the immediate area would never have heard about. The noteable exception is a lecture recorded by IT Conversations.



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