Drupal 5

With the new version of Drupal now out and available we are planning to migrate shortly. There will be a little fine tuning needed with some of the drupal modules but the new face of should be up by the end of March.


The Year of User content

Time Magazine's announcement of 'Person of the Year' focused the light on all the Web 2.0 things that have been evolving over the last three years, blogs, podcasts, wikis and the main sites such as Myspace and Blogger.

Give yourself a pat on the back: you've been selected as Time magazine's

"Person of the Year" — along with everyone else who uses the internet.

In a related story, after a near all Canadian sweep of the 2005 awards, the rest of the world made a comeback in 2006 with the Edublog awards, although there was still a pretty big Canadian presence with

Best Group Blog:Polar Science 2006
YES I Can! Science team, McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Diane Hammond, Susan Stiff, and Dr. Tom Stiff (Canada)

Google CEO: Techies must educate governments

Having worked extensively in government, I can't agree more! Google CEO: Techies must educate governments | Tech News on ZDNet "The average person in government is not of the age of people who are using all this stuff," Schmidt said at a public symposium here hosted by the National Academies' Computer Science and Telecommunications Board. "There is a generational gap, and it's very, very real."

Firefox 2.0 About to Ship - Here’s What’s Happening

Firefox 2 has reached release candidate stage. The recommended browser on pretty much any platform.

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Firefox 2.0 About to Ship - Here’s What’s Happening
Mozilla offered up FireFox 2.0 Release Candidate 3 tonight, bringing the official launch of version 2.0 all the closer. Most TechCrunch readers have probably tried previous release candidates but there are a number of things readers may be interested in considering as full scale roll-out of the new version approaches.
They have also started the planning for Firefox 3.0

Server Conversion - Drupal

This site has now been converted to Drupal as the primary content engine. Thanks to the very useful wp2drupal module and some examples like the recent conversion of We've taken the plunge here. More on drupal later. There was a major issue with the version of PHP required to handle the conversion. Not wanting to risk more changes to the code running on the server - Parallels Desktop to the rescue. Created a copy of the server in a virtualized environment did all the upgrades and changes, then exported the new database back to the production box.

Stanley cup to NYC Apple store - News The two 20-something members of the champion Carolina Hurricanes greeted hockey fans and shoppers at the newly opened Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Fans were given the opportunity to meet the players, receive autographs and pose for pictures with the Cup.

The Network is the Message

The presentations this week at Networkers had a very clear message on the integration of services into the network itself. John Chambers keynote had many of the same ideas shown by Microsoft in their Live Server promotional material. It is clear that network architects and application developers need to share more information for things to work. Since networks have typically been viewed as a fairly 'dumb' service, it has been easy for networks to run on their own and server guys pile on whatever they like.  It has been uncommon for an application developer to understand how their creations interact over a network and vice - versa.

Metro Ethernet

There were two sessions Wednesday Afternoon on Metro Ethernet. The concept of vendors using Ethernet as a standard way to deliver services of various bandwidths seems to be a common theme. The challenges were well laid out in these two sessions on Security and Standards. The security presentation was a solid well laid out piece of work that was very engaging. It demonstrated the risks and laid out the steps that should be taken. While there was questions about Cisco products the presenter was reluctant to turn his presentation in to a product pitch. The second presentation was a very enthusastic discussion on the Metro Standards.

Cisco Networkers - Tuesday PM

This afternoons sessions including work on 802.11 location services and Network Security. The first session of the afternoon presented an interesting use of 802.11 as a multi-service network providing data, voice and location managment. Several vendors are coming to market with RFID tags that are based on 802.11 that can be tracked by an enterprise Wireless network. This cuts down on interference of having multiple networks. The Network security session was discussing the secure way to manage your network infrastructure. Key points included 'if you were under attack - would you know it?'

Cisco Networkers Blog

Cisco has its own blog going for this weeks events looks somewhat interesting without the gratuitous vendor fluff.


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