Google Calendar CalDAV support - iPhone

In the continuing move off local data. The next step was calendar services. iCal was my local calendar service of record and I did sometimes use Google Calendar. While those two could talk to each other (iCal and Google Calendar Integration ), the sticking point was 'over the air' syncing for the iPhone. Well the workaround for that is to use the Microsoft Exchange syncing that is availible from Google and the iPhone

Living on the Cloud

Is it worth storing your own data anymore? That is the question that we've been struggling with for almost a year. For any user that buys a new computer and has to 'migrate' their data, the question of what all that stuff is an why do I need it has to come up. For me, it has always been the movement of email from one computer to another. This is even tougher when you start using multiple machines. Double-tough when you add an iPhone or other handheld. Syncing?? - don't even get me started.


Conficker Grounding Fighter Aircraft

DAVID PUGLIESE’S DEFENCE WATCH By DAVE PUGLIESE 02-23-2009 Ottawa Sun "Naval spokesman Jerome Erulin said the recent computer security breach was limited but prevented the aircraft from downloading flight plans, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday. The database infection by "Conficker," a malicious software virus publicly reported by Microsoft last October, likely was the result of negligence, naval officials said."

iPhone 3G - Accessory Mods

One of the main frustrations with the New iPhone 3G has been the incompatibilities of many (of not most) of the existing accessories. Part of this can be attributed to the final removal of firewire circuitry which renders many chargers (which still used the old firewire pins on the dock) - useless. Other devices, such as my iHome clock radio will no longer pass audio from the dock connector.

Just because you can ..

Sometimes you need to do something just because you can. Well after setting up a multi-boot OS, the question became how many could you run at the same time. Well the current limit is about 6 - mostly based on screen real estate. Just because you can (2)

Quad boot - Octo Mac Pro, Part IV

To paraphrase Sean Connery (from the Hunt for Red October) ... "once again we play our dangerous game against our old adversary" ..... Installing Windows Vista on the Mac Pro. Apple install

Quad boot - Octo Mac Pro, Part III

The installation of OS X 10.5 was without drama. Unfortunately , the post-installation was also without any drama - you kinda wanted Zing after a new OS. The result was a slightly slicker version of 10.4. There are a couple of noteable additions to the interface. The menu bar now boasts an eject button. Just to the right of the 'Spaces' (Virtual Desktop) selection Leopard w/Spaces

Quad boot - Octo Mac Pro, Part II

The inital installs of Windows on the Mac Pro was successful. Unfortunately the Windows XP installation only recognized 2 of the 5GB installed. Apparently this is a known issue in Windows XP. Other than that issue Windows XP recognizes most of the hardware on the Mac Pro including all the Windows readable partitions on the harddrives attached to the system. The video, keyboard, DVD burner, and all connections; network, USB, and FW are supported.

Quad boot - Octo Mac Pro, Part I

The FEDEX gnomes kindly deposited a shinny new 8-core Mac Pro on my doorstep last week and I have been working through the usual migrations of data from old to new systems. The main reason for this purchase was to get multi-OS capability in native booting. And, like Apple's quarterly financials - results were better than expected.


Drupal 5 Migration Complete

After a little waiting for some contributed items to get updated, the site is now running on Drupal 5. The improvements in the backend are awesome and new functionality is everywhere. I will try to avoid turning too much on. Again the good folks at Lullabot are always showing the neat stuff. Such as the new diff capability that gives wiki like change management.Check out the screencast here.


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