iPhone 3G – Accessory Mods

One of the main frustrations with the New iPhone 3G has been the incompatibilities of many (of not most) of the existing accessories. Part of this can be attributed to the final removal of firewire circuitry which renders many chargers (which still used the old firewire pins on the dock) – useless. Other devices, such as my iHome clock radio will no longer pass audio from the dock connector. Even when a device works (such as the Belkin Tunebase car adapter) you may still get the annoying Accessory Not made to work with iPhone


Now the good news is that this adapter will charge the iPhone and pass audio, so in most respects it works. Two problems. The error message and the fact it doesn’t really fit. The last part is correctable.

My iPhone also has a Belkin Acrylic case – which actually makes the fit worse but the mod easier. The key issue is the plastic clips on the side don’t hold the new 3G iPhone in the correct position.

Note the gaps on the sides:

But with a little basic surgery, we can fix that.

The Mod requires about 3/4″ of an inch of plastic on the Car adapter clip be trimmed back, and an equal length grove be worked into the Acrylic hard shell. Dry fitting this and marking with a black marker gets the locations well enough


Using the Dremel and a burr tool gets the job done, and a little buff when its all done.


Final Product – still complains but it fits, and it works.