Doing ‘Local’ right

The fact that the Internet can bring you information from around the world is both interesting and captivating. For example, there is this newspaper in Lawrence Kansas that probably most people outside of the immediate area would never have heard about. The noteable exception is a lecture recorded by IT Conversations. In his talk to Integrated Media Association New Media Summit (another thing most would have never heard about), Rob Curley spoke eloquently about how his local media has specialized in delivering his community to his community. The whole world can read these online resources but the audience is the population (all 88,000) of Lawrence Kansas.

So in a rather circular path, it brings you back to a worldwide resource providing local service. There have been massive dollars spent and huge conferences held to discuss the value of ‘local’. But it really still remains a promise not a reality. In Canada there was an ad campaign to ‘save local tv’ conducted by CTV globemedia yet the British Columbia section of the CTV news site provides about 8 BC stories wrapped in 50% of a page of advertising, international news, and links to a multitude of other sections. They should learn something from Lawrence, Kansas.

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