The crappy new version version – BC Ferries Widget

After a couple days of beating around with the old code from the Konfabulator version of the BC Ferries Webcam widget – I threw out the whole thing in favor of a from scratch Dashcode version. While Dashcode does have some nice templates and features – really going from scratch with your own thought pattern is where I needed to be. The new widget has a cleaner look and feel but also a much cleaner code. See the Software forum for the BC Ferries Widget or direct download link here.

BC Ferries Widget Image

The goals from here are

  • to redo the comments for future reference
  • save state of preferences – important for iPhone version opening and closing
  • Look at allowing for expansion by removing hard-coded references in favor of variable calls
  • Moving the core data outside the javascript to supporting plist file, then hopefully to an externally called XML documents so URL changes don’t require a code rewrite
  • Consider porting to Google or Windows Gadgets or maybe Adobe Air

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